manodeSanto Teatro
Uroc Teatro is now manodeSanto Teatro

Olga Margallo, Antonio Muñoz De Mesa and Jordi Monedero direct this new Performing Arts project, taking over Uroc Teatro.

Petra Martínez and Juan Margallo: Our Godfathers

Uroc Teatro, a company founded in 1985 by Petra Martínez and Juan Margallo, an inseparable couple originally from the independent theater circuits.

With manodeSanto Teatro, we are proud to continue their long trajectory and to have been infected by their love for theater.

Our shows have toured Spain and have been selected in numerous International Festivals (USA, France, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, etc), with great reviews and success.

In addition to numerous nominations and awards, such as the MAX Award 2004 for best show; in 2010 Uroc Teatro received the Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts in recognition of a career that began more than 30 years ago.

At manodeSanto we work to produce exciting quality theater.